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Hello - 

Starting October 8th, 2023 I will be accepting appointments again 

For better communication send a private message or appointment request through P411 \TER  followed by an email if you are booking on PD send a screening request followed by an email with your username. 

Screening Form *

Touring again this winter ( exact tour city by city  ) 

Tour 1: New York  and Boston ( updating photos on this tour )  Booked & Confirmed   

Tour 2: Charlotte, Raleigh and Charleston 

Tour 3: Albuquerque, Colorado Springs and Denver 

Tour 4: Chicago  then Flordia  ( updating photos on this tour ) 

4 days in Chicago and a 2-week visit to FL 





Always accepting fly me to you and extended dates

Extra Info : please contact me on p411 or TER Private message ANY NUMBERS YOU SEE ON MY ADS ARE NOT ACTIVE ( not all appointments will require a deposit but if I ask for one take that opportunity and lock in your date - it might not happen without one. gift cards are not accepted at anytime . your deposit must be refundable if something happens. Your deposit will not be refundable 48 hours before the appointment.  If anything happens on my end your deposit is refunded)

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